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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 26, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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midnight oil. it is an active and fluid scene. here are the shots from our nbc helicopter. hundreds of people protesting outside of city hall. but there's no police in riot gear or tear gas. much more calm. jean kwan went to the front lines anddd aressed the protesters. but the protesters are on the move. and they're leaving city hall. what's happening right about now? >> reporter: well, things are changing by the minute. occupiers took over frank plaza. they are on the street, heading towards jack london square. some told me earlier they wanted to move to san francisco to help the movement there. but trains are not stopping in downtown oakland. police are standing down.
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but we don't know for how long. a "thriller" victory for the occupy oakland movement. >> i hope people stay out. and i hope police stay inside. >> reporter: demonstrators hope there won't be a repeat of last night's actions, where tear gas was thrown and people were injured. according to major jean kwan, tonight will be different. >> we decided to have minimal police presence in the plaza, over the next day or so, so we can try to open up the dialogue here. people have to remember why we had to close it to begin with. because the sanitation issues and the other safety issues. i think the community groups are there tonight. >> reporter: tonight, protesters reclaiming the plaza, which has been the epicenter for the movement for more than two weeks. tuesday night, occupiers made a
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stand at 14th and broadway. at one point, things got ugly. >> i can't change what happened. but i'm committed to try to make sure we have an open dialogue. >> reporter: right now, the future remains uncertain. >> the buck stops with the mayor of oakland. she's responsible for what happened. and if she's not responsible for it -- >> this is what people wake up to. they're hurting. people that had food yesterday, don't have food. >> cheryl will stay exactly where she is, monitoring what's happening with the protesters. they're on the move. it's not a question of if, but when, san francisco police will move in to clear justin herman plaza, by occupy protesters who have been camping out along the embarcadero. protesters know it and they're vowing to form a human chain
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around their own emcampment. i know you have new information, george. but given what they saw what happened last night, they're prepared to stay. >> reporter: yes. and those here at occupy s.f. are bracing for the police to arrive. when that will be, we're hearing midnight. we've seen san francisco police officers throughout the evening, watching this. a gig crowd has gathered here at stewart and market. this is the occupy s.f. encampment. a short time ago, some of the organizers told the crowd, we will be nonviolent resisters. their intent is to keep the camp going, despite efforts by police to make them move. occupy s.f. expects the police to make a move around midnight. >> we are very concerned. >> alert. aware, and prepared for a police raid tonight. >> reporter: when it does go down, organizers say they intend to hold their ground and keep
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their camp. >> it involves nonviolence. we're not to violently engage with the police. we're here to exercise our first amendment rights to peacefully assemble. we don't have intention of meeting the police with aggressive, violent acts. >> we're going in peaceful. i'm going to be completely passive. and if he asks me a question, i will answer him. but i do not plan to be any resistance. he can beat me down. i will not fight back. >> reporter: san francisco supervisor, john avalo says he came out to observe. >> i think it's a mistake to come in with force to dislodge people from the plaza. that's free speech and right to assembly. that should be honored. >> reporter: a live look here at stewart and mar et on the embarcadero. ok if i s.f. out here. what they don't want is a repeat
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of what happened last night in oakland. supervisor avalo reached out to the police chief to make sure that doesn't happen. but so far, no response back. this is what happened last night in oakland. you see iraq war veteran, scott olson, quickly becoming the face of the occupy movement. olson is sedated. and he is in critical condition. he is originally from wisconsin. but he was in the bay area, iraq vets against the war. >> he's a joy to be around. he's been out there, outreaching to veterans, for veterans rights. outreaching to little kids for truth and recruiting campaigns. and also for, you know, veterans health care.
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>> scott was behind this. he believed it. he would want it to continue. that's what we're out here doing. continuing to participate in this movement. and getting people out here. >> olson is a computer analyst who served two tours in iraq. his family is reportedly on their way from the midwest to be with him here in the bay area. everything has a price tag, including the freedom of speech. one of the prissry questions, who pays for all the police overtime? ultimately, it's the state of california. oakland city officials said today they haven't tallied up the over time costs for the officers. still, in tough economic times and budget ,tscu some oakland residents are worried it will lead to further cuts in city services. >> we can't afford that. we're about to close four elementary schools in oakland. >> with more protests planned over the next fewts days, the bl
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for police overtime is expected to rise. a look, now, at the ground zero of this occupy movement. the initial group, occupy wall street, well, is making a move in new york city. hundreds of demonstrators taking to the streets during a march earlier tonight. no reports of damage or arrests from tonight's march in new york ci city. we have both marches in oakland and san francisco. you can stay with us onair and online. updates throughout the website throughout the night. it is decision time. months of emotional confrontations over oakland tonight. the district is face-to-face, with an angry crowd. fighting to keep five elementary schools open. are the talks still going on inside, jean? >> this meeting is still going on. hundreds of people crowded this auditorium. the crowd is thinner. but people are still telling the
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board of education not to close five elementary schools. but the superintendent said, the schools must close. a spirited crowd sent a clear message, save our schools, kicking off a tense oakland school meeting about school closures. >> you just fight. and you are not fighting. you are choosing to be executioners. >> reporter: the auditorium was overflowing with anger and frustration. but superintendent, tony smith, says he needs to return investments for students. >> this conversation came agent too many schools in oakland. >> reporter: superintendent smith recommended the board support closing all five elementary schools under consideration. to save $2 million.
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but one board member says the numbers don't add up. >> i don't believe the budget numbers. >> reporter: the student school board representative urged board members to explore all options before closing schools. >> we have to look at all angles. try to see if we can get money a different way, if money is the real, main issue. >> reporter: emotional parents, teachers and students lined up to argue against the plan. >> i don't really want you to tear this down because, as my mom says, i really love school. and it's like the best thing that ever happened to me. >> but you really have to put yourself in the shoes of everyone here tonight. you can be creative. you can be brave. you can be bold. and say, maybe this process is not a right one. >> reporter: people are starting to trickle out of this meeting. they're telling me, they're upset. the board just voted to close all five elementary cools.
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>> we'll check back with you in a moment. up next, mavericks, the movie. a slice of hollywood coming to the bay aerotomorrow. and your commute may be impacte. jack the cat found at jfk. tonight, his owner tells how the two-month search for the missing feline came to an end. and apple making a big move. tonight, it could be a game-changer in the smartphone war. a mild and suy day across the bay area, with 70 in san francisco. and 73 in san jose. and some cold weather up into the north bay. we'll let you know how low the numbers will go and have more on the red flag fire warnings in just minutes. we continue to follow developing news on both sides of the bay, in san francisco and oakland tonight. you're looking at a live picture at san francisco, at justin
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want to update you on our developing news on both sides of the bay. in san francisco, they're waiting for a possible police activity to break up the encampment of occupy s.f. and in oakland, these are live pictures from our nbc helicopter. they continue to protest. much different from last night. no tear gas. no police in riot gear. and mayor jean kwan met with protesters an hour ago. the protesters near city hall. and we're monitor the situation throughout the newscast and tluz the evening. tonight, marines accused of hazing a fellow corps member from santa clara before he committed suicide, will face court-martial. three marines are accused in the hazing of harry lu.
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lu was a graduate of santa clara high. his aunt is representative judy chu, of southern california, has been holding congressional hearings on military suicide since his death. major league baseball and the owner of the los angeles dodgers are headed to court. and bryan stow, the giants fan, is in the middle of this fight. dodgers owner, frank mccourt used nearly $2 million for its own personal gain. that's a violation of major league baseball rules. how does stow figure into this? the stow family is one of the creditors that mccourt potentially owes money to. the league suggests mccourt's misuse of finances, forced him to reduce security at dodger stadium before stow was attack. a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman in a classroom at skyland college.
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the woman tells officers she was alone in the classroom when a man entered and assaulted her. they're looking for a white male between the age of 25 and 30, with a distinct tattoo or scar on his neck. if you have information about the attack, call san bruno police. that bell that was stolen outside of st. mary's church has been found. in oakland. a homeless man found the bell and called police. it was taken from st. mary's cathedral in weekend. police believe that recycling fees wanted to scrap it. right now, the bell is sitting in a salvage yard, covered in rags. they will get a truck and transfer the 122-year-old bell back to the city. if cats have nine lives,
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jack the cat has eight. he went missing at jfk airport. he was discovered when he fell from a ceiling tile in the airport. he's dehydrated and suffers from low blood pressure and liver problems. tonight, his owner has customer feedback for american airlines. >> there should have been a humane track done of him being lost. and i was in the position where i was asking the airline to do things. if they're in the business of shipping pets, they should have been in the business of doing. >> she says many airline employees demonstrated concern after her cat went missing. he's now in critical care at a new york animal hospital. shooting for the film of "men and mavericks" will be making its way through san mateo tomorrow, closing cities.
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hacienda street, between 31st and 26th avenues will be closed from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and 25th avenue, between el camino to flores street, from 4:00 in the afternoon to 2:00 the next morning. the film centers on the life of jay morty. the film is due out next year. stories of war are coming to life in an alley in san francisco's tenderloin. a veteran hoping to help other vets express pain and anger is picking up a paint brush and handing it to others. it's an art project chock full of emotion. >> this is our opportunity as veterans to come back and heal our brothers. >> reporter: he was navy veteran, gregory, are looking
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for veterans in the tenderloin. to help vets express their pain, he started the veteran mural project, painting on the walls of shanen alley. they are going to create a piece about decorated army veteran, ruben santos. >> i'm glad i had somebody back in the civilian world that i could talk about. we had a nice friendship. >> reporter: parker and santos survived service in iraq. but santos lost his battle with ptsd, committing suicide. >> there's plenty out there. but it's true. >> reporter: santos' parents soak up every stroke. santos is now a soaring hawk, flying peacefully into the spirit world. a comforting image for a mother who knows her son suffered. >> i think the project is very important to bring an awareness
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of the struggles that veterans have when they come home. >> reporter: for parker, it's a bittersweet tribute. >> i wish ruben was here to keep me company. in a way he is. >> reporter: gregory says this is the first of many stories of war that must be told. they want to tell their story. and we will paint that story with them. let's head closer towards the weekend. we like to punctuate the wednesday. we're halfway there. >> we'll talk about the weekend. but can you feel the cold air in the studio tonight? >> we can. >> i think somebody left the door open. we're going to talk about the cold temperatures coming up in a little bit. otherwise, we have the red flag fire warning in effect for gusty winds in the east and north bay hills. and low humidity levels in the next hours. looking at the top wind dusts at
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36 miles per hour. and not too bad in napa with a 17-mile-per-hour wind gust. but the east bay hills got in on the gusty winds. we had a fire that was sparked near dublin that has been contained. the numbers were in the 70s today. from the north bay to the south bay. 74 in los gatos. and also popping up is 72 in santa cruz. a slight offshore wind did warm itself. but not hot. there's cool air at the higher levels to get the temperatures to ramp up. otherwise right now, it's about the cold air right now. 40 in napa. 43 in novato. we will be near record-setting lows in the north bay, with potentially mid 30s, in napa and sonoma valleys. it will be clear and cold, with the isolated 30s. and for thursday, just a little bit of warming coming. a little more warming in my seven-day forecast.
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let's look at our satellite radar picture. we have high clouds to the north. it's not producing rainfall. that rainfall continues to push into washington and oregon. for us, high pressure just offshore. it will be mild to warm in the next 48 hours, with temperatures in the 70s, as we head throughout thursday. we'll see the trend continue into friday, as well. tonight, it's about the cold air with the upper 30s in santa rosa. 36 in napa. and 48 expected in los gatos. bundle up. if you're using the heater, be very cautious with the space heaters when it gets cold. otherwise, in the peninsula, upper 60s to low 70s, san francisco to redwood city. and concord, fair field, pittsburg and san ramon, and napa for your thursday. and into the north bay, mid-70s to continue with 60s in bodega bay. we have a full weather section
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with videos playable on your portable devices. whichever brand you have. you stay dry for trick-or-treaters on monday. we don't want to forget about halloween. >> thank you, jeff. up next, we're going to update you on breaking news in oakland. protesters on the move. we're just learning that oakland police have shut down a b.a.r.t. so i got this new job last week, but their health insurance
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a quick update on our developing story in oakland. they've taken the plaza. but they're also taking to the streets. occupy message through oakland, walking the streets. they're on the move, possibly in the broadway location. it is our understanding at this point, that the b.a.r.t. station at 19th and broadway has been closed. there were early rumblings about protesters getting on the b.a.r.t. to head to san francisco, in solidarity to be there with protesters in san francisco, who may be facing eviction themselves tonight. >> we'll take our live cameras to san francisco, across the bay. this is the scene at the embarcadero at the herman plaza. about an hour ago, the plan was to force the occupy s.f. protesters out of the plaza by midnight. we'll see if that plan is still current. that would be in about 35 minutes from now.
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we continue to follow the story. right now, it's a peaceful protest on both sides of the bay. once again, notear gas like we s ghniioar and tear gas like we saw last t.nit.
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raider faithful give jason campbell a whole lot of credit as one of the main players who helped turn the franchise around in the last several years. now, an injury mixed with uncertainty means he might have already played his final game in silver and black. kate longworth brings us more. >> playing against the browns when you went down. >> i was getting close. and the guy hit me in the left leg. as i was going down. i remember going down, a guy landed right on top of me. and i heard it snap. i knew right then, a lot of different things running through your head. and putting together one of the best years the raiders. and turn it around. all of a sudden, you're not going to be part of it. and you're on the outside looking in. it's tough for me. it's still tough now.
11:30 pm
i stay positive. things happen for a reason. >> and you're focused on getting stronger after that surgery. you're coming home and recouping. how did you find out carson palmer was also going to be wearing silver and black? >> the first thing was, i cannot go to surgery. i see knives and scissors. oh, gosh. in ten minutes i'm going to be asleep and i won't know what's going to be happening. they can be throwing me around. and i had been traded for carson. and just like, man. what can you say? another situation. >> part two of this exclusive interview comes tomorrow night on nbc bay area. and if you were wondering where the game six world series highlights were. wtestosas pedtn we, thaon cuntest wtiasostponed l torrtomotiow night. [ female announcer ] what makes jcpfastcash so exciting?
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it's like extra cash you earn in an instant. earn 10, 20, or $30 jcpfastcash right at the register. then use it right now on anything you want, see, or love. we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. an update on the story we told you about earlier in the newscast regarding oakland schools. five elementary schools will close in oakland at the end of this school year. the oakland unified school district voted to close the following schools. lake view, lazier, maxwell park,
11:34 pm
santa fe elementary. >> before we go, we want to give you a final update on the situation that is very fluid in san francisco. justin herman plaza, along the embarcadero. tonight, protesters there have been told they will be cleared out by police, in some time within the next few hours. we'll continue to monitor the situation. you can check for updates with our morning show, beginning at 4:30. thanks for tuning in tomorrow. >> announcer: it's "the tonight featuring rickey minor from "a very harold & kumar 3d [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by


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